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#1 – MONTHLY GOAL It’s important to set a realistic, yet challenging goal each month. This is often a financial goal, such as a new increased revenue target or a decrease in expenses. However, it can also be completing a new project, or really any initiative that you’re striving for in your business or finances. The important part is that you set a monthly goal and stick to it!
#2 – TRACKING PROGRESS Each day you’ll take note of the progress you’ve made toward your monthly goal. Are you keeping a consistent pace or are you falling behind? For example, let’s say your monthly goal is to generate $100k in revenue, and you are only at $40k at day 20 of the month. You will need to make drastic improvements to your strategy and increase your pace to bridge the gap before month’s end.
#3 – TOP PRIORITY In this third section, you will list 6-8 prioritized tasks that need to be accomplished each day to ensure you are on the right path toward reaching your monthly goal. Consider important things that are easy to overlook, or things on which you would normally procrastinate (i.e. making sales calls, presenting proposals, face-to-face sales meetings, etc.). These tasks are critical to increasing the revenue of your business,