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NYC Black and Hispanic people pay more for home loans – analysis

The total cost of acquiring home purchase loans in New York City is higher for Black and Hispanic borrowers than for other races, even when allowing for differences in down payment and home value, according to a recent analysis of the city’s housing data using artificial intelligence (AI) technology by analytics firm SAS. SAS teamed …


Pay Off Your Mortgage: These 10 Steps Make it Official

I went through all of these steps a couple of years ago when our family paid off our mortgage early. It was surprising to me how many steps were required to simply pay off a freakin’ debt. Nevertheless, we followed the “rules” so we never had to do it again!Here are 10 steps that I …


7 Ways To Pay Off Mortgage Faster

Wondering if you should pay off your mortgage early? Or how to get started to even think about doing this? See what is working for us and can work for you too. #howto #tips #frugal #financialgoals Source by tasiaboland