Price: $3.97
(as of Oct 03,2020 13:09:44 UTC – Details)

EXTREMELY LOUD – just one puff of air on this incredibly loud whistle creates a piercing 100 decibel sound that’ll help rescue teams (even a mile away) find you with ease. That’s what makes this emergency whistle ideal for preppers if shtf.
EASY TO USE – simply blow firmly on the emergency whistle’s mouthpiece to distract your attacker or to alert rescue teams. Perfect for preppers of every age and experience level.
WORKS EVERY TIME – this pealess whistle will work every time in absolutely every weather condition, and won’t ever get gummed up from too much moisture.
INCREDIBLY LIGHTWEIGHT – this tiny survival whistle weighs only 0.2 ounces – so, whether it’s in your pocket or in your survival kit, it’ll never weigh you down. Plus, this pocket whistle’s level,  smooth design ensures it’ll lie flat against your skin and won’t get in your way.
TOUGH AS NAILS – this tiny pocket whistle is made out of durable, high-impact abs plastic, which makes it powerful, rugged, and reliable. Its non-corroding design ensures the survival whistle will work well every single time – no matter what you put it through.