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Display 10+2 Digit; Keys plastic; Power supply Battery; Weight (g) 100; Size (mm) 158 x 83 x 19
Financial and business features; Time-value-of-money calculations annuities, mortgages, leasing and savings; Generates amortiation schedules; interest rate conversions; advanced cash-flow analysis for up to 2 uneven cash flows with up to -digit frequencies P; 2 day-count methods actualactual or 00 to calculate bond price or yield to maturity or to call; depreciation methods, book value, and remaining depreciable amount; Break-even calculations, %, margin, mark-up, profit and loss
Statistical and scientific features 1- and 2- variable statistic, list based different regression types: linear, logarithmic, exponencial, power umulative statistics, arithmetic mean, weighted mean Sample and population standard deviation ombinations, permutations egreesradians conversions Trigonometric functions ex, ln, 10x, 1x, yx, y, %, x andom number generator